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Naturalisation & Citizenship in 19th-century Posen (Prussia)

historical background

In 1836, Isidor (Isaac) Hirschberg published lists of all naturalised Jews in the Prussian province of Posen. This included profession, place of residence and naturalisation date. As non-citizenship bore economic constraints, these lists offered every businessperson a reference to identify which Jews were citizens.

At this time, the province of Posen was a border area, most of which had only been acquired by the Prussians since the mid-18th Century. With a mix of German and Polish speakers, the majority of place names were Germanised versions of the original Polish name. In the absence of standardised orthography and influenced by pronounciations in local dialect, this often lead to spelling variations in historical sources.


A recompiled 1987 edition of Hirschberg's data forms the basis of this case study. It aims to provide an insight into ethnicity, social class, economic structure, as well as comparisons between the naturalised and foreign Jewish and non-Jewish populations.

To calculate a naturalisation rate, other statistical information covering the years 1834-35 needed to be included, namely total and Jewish population per county or per corporation. Because there are no reliable and consistent statistics for this time period, data was proportionally interpolated from years in which population numbers had been surveyed. It was assumed that Jewish population equates congregational membership, with a Jewish corporation being a religious administrative area, comprising one or more individual congregations.

As the counties also vary in size, the population data required normalisation: the size of the county was put in relation to the number of Jews to give a more representative picture of population numbers. The naturalisation rate represents the total Jewish population in relation to the number of naturalised Jews.

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